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We also organize charter cruises from Hanko for both companies and individuals, max. for 155 people. On our trips you get to experience a piece of the world’s most beautiful archipelago. The cruise is an unforgettable option for, for example, various corporate events, leisure or recreation days, family celebrations and other similar events. Catering, cruise times and destinations are arranged according to your needs – Contact us by phone or email.

Organize a unique private or corporate cruise in the Hanko archipelago!


Organize a unique private or corporate cruise in the Hanko archipelago!


Here are examples of possible destinations:

  • Bengtskär – our most popular charter cruise destination!
    Also a one-way trip.
  • Archipelago cruise off Hanko.
    On the cruise you will get to know the fortress and lighthouse island of Gustavsvärn and to its interesting history (or alternatively a visit to Hauensuole island). On the cruise, you can see Hanko’s eye, Russarö fort, and Hanko’s church and town from the sea.


  • Rosala’s Viikinkikylä, with a museum, a café and an authentic Viking atmosphere (driving time approx. 2 h)
  • Bromarf, atmospheric archipelago port, monument (1.5 h)
  • Jussarö, a lighthouse spotter’s dream off Tammisaari (2 h)
  • Kasnäs, guest marina where e.g. Archipelago spa (2 h)
  • Tammisaari National Park (2 h)
  • Örö, a military historical monument and unique archipelago nature (2.5 h)
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