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In the Hanko archipelago, the combination of the sea and the unique nature of the archipelago offers unforgettable experiences and fairytale-like beautiful seascapes. Even the highest lighthouse in the Nordic countries, already over a century old Bengtskär, is getting more beautiful every year. This historically significant lighthouse island, located right by the open sea, hides interesting stories and offers an unforgettable setting with its rugged, beautiful nature, for example for a picnic. We want to take you on a summer cruise to experience all of it!

Marine Lines Oy





Family business

Marine Lines Oy

Marine Lines Oy is a family company that has been in the business for twenty years. Our operation is based on warm-hearted customer service and reliability. Over the years, we have taken thousands and thousands of friends of the archipelago from Hanko to various destinations, mainly to the Bengtskär lighthouse. The lighthouse is especially dear to us and the stairs of its tower and the island’s rugged rocks have become very familiar to us.

We also offer cruises on request for e.g. various corporate events, tyky days or even family parties. Catering, cruise times and destinations are arranged according to the customer’s needs. See examples of cruises here and contact us by phone or email.

Our promise is that all cruisers will have an incredible day that will leave with unforgettable memories. We warmly welcome you to our cruises on M/S Summersea!

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